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Physical Education Vision Statement


At Penpol School we recognise the role that Physical Education and Sport has to play in promoting a long term healthy lifestyle, which we see as both enjoyable and rewarding. As a school we intend to provide a high quality physical education program which inspires our children to succeed and excel in physically demanding and competitive situations.


Through the application of the PE curriculum, we intend to enhance and promote pupil’s academic achievement alongside their social and emotional wellbeing. In doing this we hope to enrich the children’s experience at Penpol School and prepare for their journey through life.


Here at Penpol School we offer an array of opportunities in which each child can feel comfortable, yet challenged. We hope these opportunities provided will encourage the children to gain a level of physical literacy that will allow them to approach any situation with confidence. In addition, we hope that the provision provided will foster an environment where children will develop appropriate levels of competitiveness, fairness and resilience whilst embedding crucial values such as team work and respect.


Our vision for PE and Sport at Penpol School is that there is:


  • High quality teaching and learning across the school in all sports and physical activities.
  • A good understanding of health and fitness with children striving to improve this.
  • Larger numbers of children taking part in extra-curricular sport clubs and representing the school at festivals, competitions and matches.
  • Opportunity for children to a wider experience of physical activities.
  • Children not only playing, but coaching and officiating their sports.



Physical education is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum.


We as a school feel it is crucial for children to acquire the necessary fundamental physical skills at a young age. Therefore, it is our aim that all children have acquired these by the end of KS1, in order the achieve ‘physical literacy’.


‘Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. Enabling them to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers.’

Youth Sports Trust



Within Early Years children are encouraged to explore physical activity through active free-play. With the direction of their class teachers, the children will be introduced to situations where they will be required to develop control and co-ordination with both gross and fine motor skills.


As the children move into Key Stage 1 we hope to create a foundation of movements that will underpin lifelong participation, enabling the children to access a range of learning experiences which supports the development of competent and confident movers.


In Lower Key Stage 2 the adapted physical activities focus on developing and applying the broad range of skills the child has already gained in a variety of contexts – enhancing their creative, social and thinking skills in PE. It is within LKS2 the children begin to gain an understanding of the positive effects of being physically active.


At UKS2 we move the focus onto sport specific activities however in these situations the children will continue learning physical, social and thinking skills. At this stage of their development we also expect the children to develop leadership skills, both thorough coaching and officiating. As the children near the end of their primary years we expect them to be familiar and able to articulate the benefits of regular exercise.


At Penpol School we see it as our responsibility to provide an opportunity for every child to exceed their own expectations. That is why we have made it our mission to do so.


We are achieving this by providing:


  • Close links with local community clubs and specialist coaches like Hayle Rugby Club, Hayle tennis Club, Savvy Dance, Shore Surf, Shilton Soccer and Hayle Surf-Lifesaving Club.
  • 2 hours of high quality PE a week.
  • 10 swim sessions a year for every junior child.
  • 5 2-hour Surf lessons for Year 5 and 6 children as part of our PE curriculum in partnership with RNLI assemblies and SwimSafe events.
  • An enjoyable accessible ‘Wake and Shake’ routine for all children and staff.
  • Competitive house related competitions, including an age specific Sports Day.
  • Active play provision including our new climbing frame.
  • Half-termly sporting challenges in which the children are encouraged to partake in 30 minutes of intense exercise per day.